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Buyer Beware! "....... not all cordwood (firewood) is created equal".

  • Firewood Pest Alert ! ... buy local "certified/bug free" firewood vs buying local "bug infested" firewood... For more consumer awareness, visit "Don't Move Firewood" at
  • All of our cord wood has been kiln-dried (K/D) to T314.c Heat-Treatment Standards (71.1 °C for 75 minutes) to eliminate and prevent any re-spreading of bugs, insects and disease infestations thru-out your neighborhood.
  • All of our firewood is stored in a "Pest Free" environment and remains "DRY" during all adverse weather conditions.
  • All of our firewood is federal and state “pest free” approved and is sold in a pre-stacked cord measurement as outline by N.H. DEPT. OF AGRICULTURE WEIGHTS & MEASURES LAW REQUIRES: that cordwood (firewood) must: 1. Be sold by the cord or fraction of a cord; 2. Contain 128 cubic feet per cord when stacked; 3. Be accompanied by sales slip stating the amount of wood sold & the price.
  • All of our "pest free" firewood is “seasoned-dry” and is sold in “fraction of a cord” units; 1/8 cord (16 cu ft), 1/6 cord (21.334 cu ft), 1/4 cord (32 cu ft) and 1/3 cord (42.667 cu ft) @ $19.50 per cu ft.
  • We offer Local Customer Pick-up, Free Delivery and Free Stacking.
  • Click here for our PRICE LIST or click here for our online ORDERING FORM. Or buy-it-locally from our mobile "farm-vendor" stand near you.
  • Always Be Prepared! ... to keep enough fireplace wood on hand, before your next Black-Outage occurs in your neighborhood.
  • NOTE: We are constantly making changes to help mitigate the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

For more info on our value-added firewood, please e-mail us or call 603-437-0940.

Quality Premium Firewood

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